Thursday, December 01, 2005

Flight 93 Memorial Still A Tribute to Islam

Several months ago, when the Flight 93 Memorial design was released, many people were up in arms over the design because they felt (myself included) it represented in many aspects a tribute to Islam and the terrorists.

The designer, architect Paul Murdoch, agreed that a redesign was in order, not in any admittance of any Islamappeasement, but because the design had been misinterpreted by hate-driven people like me.

We have waited with anxious breaths over the release of the new design. Oops, looks like the design motif has been blurred a bit but the main premise remains the same: The Flight 93 Memorial is a monument to Islam with not only the Red Crescent Mihrab still intact and pointing almost exactly toward Mecca, but also with a "Tower of Voices" sundial that Moslems can use to guage proper prayer times, with 44 memorial blocks for those killed (40 victims and the 4 fascist Islam terrorists) and finally, the inclusion of what is clearly intended to be a smaller memorial to the terrorists themselves.

In depth analysis provide by Alec Rawls at Error Theory.

When will the appeasement end?

Regards to LGF.

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