Sunday, December 04, 2005

La Raza to Recieve Federal Monies

When you are already running hundreds of billions of dollars farther into debt this year, what would be the point of pulling an obscure $4 million grant? Even if the grant is earmarked for a group whose goal is to aid and abet illegal aliens inside our country?

The grant, approved in an appropriations bill on Nov. 18, is going to La Raza,

an open-borders advocacy group that pushes for driver’s licenses, free in-state tuition and healthcare for illegal aliens and bilingual requirements for state agencies and ballots.
This is our GOP led Congress in action. And, did Tom Delay really say there is no more room to cut in the budget? How bad does it have to get before no member of our congress, and no member of any of their staffs can notice this little glitch? Do you have to be blind, deaf and dumb to be elected to congress?

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