Friday, December 30, 2005

Is This Worth Fifteen Minutes?

From the WBAP (Dallas) website.

TYLER – A woman and her teenage daughter were killed Wednesday in a crash sparked by what a state trooper called “a classic case of road rage.”

Jason Youngblood, 32, of Fort Worth was arrested after the Wednesday afternoon accident, which also left the woman's 17-year-old son in critical condition at a Tyler hospital.
Youngblood, driving a Chevrolet minivan containing his wife and four children, became agitated when he could not pass the other vehicle and started tailgating, Matura said. He pulled up on the right of the car, a Toyota Camry.

“The story is complicated here, but eyewitnesses said Youngblood was looking at the other vehicle and was mouthing. He then made the decision to cut them off, but misjudged the distance,” Matura said.

The minivan clipped the Camry and sent it across the median. The Toyota then was hit in the rear by a Chevrolet Tahoe traveling west.
We've all seen these assholes on the road--the tailgaters and the shoulder passers, the bird flippers and the screamers. Here, one such tough man behind the wheel has killed two, critically injured another, and sent a fourth person (a child) to the hospital.

I hope this guy never sees another day of sunlight the rest of his life.

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