Sunday, December 25, 2005

Housing Fraud

This from the Detroit Free Press,

As a state housing official, LaToya Cotton was supposed to help some of the poorest people in Washtenaw County obtain federal rent aid.

But investigators say that over 10 years, Cotton, 45, stole the identities of dozens of people and used the information to divert more than $1 million in housing vouchers for her own use, according to documents filed this week in U.S. District Court in Detroit.

A search warrant affidavit for her office filed by Greg Stejskal, the FBI's senior agent in Ann Arbor, described how Cotton allegedly used her position with the Michigan State Housing Development Authority to siphon personal information, generating housing vouchers that were sent directly to a bogus account she created.

"This case is Robin Hood in reverse," Stejskal said Friday. "She was living in a mansion and there were low-income people on a Section 8 waiting list."
Your government at work!


Anonymous said...

Not only were people waiting on the list, but this unfeeling *%@#! was giving the people that she "allowed" to be on the program the run around! I am spitting mad not only at her but the landlord's that evicted these innocent people that were paying the amount that they were supposed to pay according to her "calculations". The lanlord's did not take the time to call the Housing Authority to find out why they were not recieving payment for rent owed. My daughter was caught up in that mess and with two children and only being paid $9.00 an hour she was late on her rent every month because she was informed by her apartment manager that her rent was not paid in full and she was responsible for what MSHDA was not paying. The stress she was under was tremendous and I am furious that she and other's in her situation were not given the chance to face LaToya Cotton and the presiding judge and let them know how close she came to destroying the live's of those who believed her lie's, and threat's, oh yeah...she threatend my daughter on many, many occations! I hope she pay's dearly in prison and in hell!

Anonymous said...

It appears that Latoya Cotton is still in the business of deception. She currently hosts a blog called Crime Divas where she says her goal is to expose white collar crime. That's great but she does not tell her followers that she her self was convicted of fraud.

She gives a bio of her credentials and talks about heinous acts others have committed but leaves out info about the fraud she committed and her subsequent incarceration. She is careful not to let her followers know her true identity by using the alias LC Devine.

You would think she would have learned her lesson about deception however it appears the only lesson she has learned is how to capitalized monetarily even from her life of crime.