Thursday, December 22, 2005

Munich: The Movie

While the reviews are generally good for Munich, (here is one from Cinema Blend) the latest movie by director Steven Speilberg is not based on a true story any more than How The Grinch Stole Christmas is based on the Bible.

In a scathing rebuke by Debbie Schlussel in FrontPage Mag, the movie cannot make distinctions between what is right and wrong, and neither can its characters.

Spielberg’s Mossad agents question why they should kill terrorists who murdered innocent people, when they will be replaced by other terrorists. Using that fallacious logic, why have a justice system at all? Bank robbers who go to jail will be replaced by more bank robbers. Ditto for child molesters, rapists, al-Qaeda terrorists, etc.
With so much of the dialogue and events of the movie patently false and purely the imagination of ultra-liberal and socialist scriptwriter Tony Kushner and Mr. Spielberg, I have to ask the question, why make this movie at all? Why not make a movie based on the events of the tragedy with real characters and no moral quivalency, or why not start over from scratch with a fictitious hostage situation in Rome, or Berlin or New York?

Of course Munich will put butts in the seat. I wonder however, how many of those people leaving the theater will realize that what they have seen was fantasy. And, I wonder, if that isn't the real point of the film after all.

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