Sunday, December 18, 2005

Intelligence Leaks

Ok, please someone, explain to me again how the "outing" of an already outed domestic, desk job, non-covert agent analyst is worthy of a multi-million dollar investigation, when there are few cries for investigations over leak after leak of classified information that will damage the nation's security. Where is the outrage over this imbalance?

In just the past few months we've had the leak of "Secret Prisons," and now the leak of the very legal surveilance of international communications, some of which had one leg in the United States.

If it were up to me the subpoenas would be flying. Someone or some people inside the intelligence community is trying to take down this administration, and it is willing to do so at the cost of our nation's security. This is treason folks, and someone should be hanged.

Treason is still a crime, right?

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