Sunday, December 04, 2005

Many Americans Want Saddam Back in Power

Recent polls by Rasmussun and Fox News show what to me is a shocking statistic. A majority of Democrats believe that Iraq was better off before the coalition's invasion.

Bring back the torture chambers, bring back the wood shredders, bring back the mass graves, the gas attacks, the starving people, the crippled economy, the toxic marshes, the threat of Saddam invasion, and not to even mention Iraq's harboring of terrorists, support of terrorist regimes, payoffs of suicide bomber's families, and dapplings in weapons of mass destruction. Bring it all back. Iraq was better off before the invasion.

Morally corrupt sheep.

But, my opinion of Republicans with that opinion, though only about 10% is even more negative. If you cannot stand for freedom of an oppressed people, what do you stand for? If you cannot hope to free the children held in family punishment detention centers, what do you hope for? If you cannot want our nation to be free from the threat of international terrorism, what do you want?

Whatever it is that you stand for, of hope for, or want, if it isn't the same freedoms for others that you wrap yourselves in every night, you are pathetic.

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