Friday, December 23, 2005

Pork Soup Controversy In France

A soup kitchen in France is under attack for serving only soups with pork. From Reuters with a hat/tip to The Religion of

Protesters at the soup kitchen denounced the group as racists. One Muslim woman shouted at Lescure: "Our fathers are Muslims and they fought for France with honour and loyalty."

A local left-wing militant said the protesters did not want Lescure's soup kitchen to operate unopposed.

"This pork-based soup kitchen is pure discrimination, it's an in-your-face way of telling people who don't eat pork -- you can stay in your cardboard boxes and starve," said Teresa Mafeis, holding back tears of anger.

"After the holidays, we're going to set up our own soup kitchen and there will be shorba for everyone," she said, using the Arabic word for soup.
Wow, start a soup kitchen that serves non-pork soup? What a novel idea. Sheesh.

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