Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hollywood Struggles

It is hardly a surprise to me that Hollywood stuggles these days. Hollywood stands in opposition to nearly everything that I believe in, and when you throw in the inflated cost of sitting in a theater for a couple of hours ($29.00 the other night before popcorn) I rarely make the effort any longer.

With a hat tip to Right Nation, this article on current Hollywood woes.

A couple of comments from RightNation as well.

From Noclevermoniker:

Interesting also that they've missed the fact that many of us have turned off of movies because of the moonbat actors preaching to us "proles".
Patie Bear:
If the stupid people in Hollyweird would put out a PRO American, PRO Troops, PRO I love my country movie I bet their sales would improve.

There just wouldn't be that many stars to make up the cast.
And Snaphook:
What we need is more gay cowboy movies! Yeah, that's the ticket, what middle America wants is gay cowboy movies! We spend hours contemplating gay cowboys, why the most important issue facing us today is gay cowboys!

And when Hollyweird isn't making gay cowboy movies it's making historically ridiculous movies like JFK, Pearl, and Syriana.

Hollyweird is so out of touch with mainstream America that it's amazing that any of their movies makes money. We've been in a War On Terror since 9/11, anyone seen any good movies about our heroic soldiers fighting for our safety and freedom? NO! Would any of us go see a movie about our heroic soldiers fighting for America in the war on terror? HELL YES!!!

Not only are most of the actors and actresses the most irritating, self absorbed dweebs on the planet, the movies are pure crap.
There, the focus group has spoken.

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