Saturday, December 10, 2005

Protein Wisdom

I am new to blogging. Both of you who have read my site realize this. I have, however, read blogs for several years and find myself on the blogs and engrossed in Web News for at least a couple of hours a day (more on weekends.) I watch little television any longer and while I still buy magazines and newspapers occasionally, I buy them much less frequently than I did before this wonderful and terrifying thing we call the internet was invented by Al Gore.

This post is nothing more than an introduction to some of you perhaps new to the blogging world. There are millions of blogs out there, and finding ones that are both entertaining and enlightening are quite rare. That is why I'm passing on this little endorsement of Protein Wisdom.

I have to wonder how Jeff Goldstein is able to write so prolifically while firmly cocooned in an armadillo-leather straight jacket. Maybe its just that everyday Jew double-jointedness that they use to control the Earth.

Here is just an example of one of his posts today. Read and enjoy.

First militant: I confess to being quite dispirited this day, Fahad. For if the grapevine is to be believed, Iraqi locals, our own Arab brethren (peace be upon them) turned over brother Amir Khalaf Fanoos to the infidel occupiers, siding with the West in this great war to restore the Caliphate and return the Arab world to its long dormant greatness and preeminence.

Second militant: Yes, but Isa, beleaguered people often become confused about their loyalties in times of war. Some will change sides and actively fight for the enemy; others will despair and hide themselves, rendered impotent by their own torn allegiances. This has happened throughout the history of warfare, and so it is to be expected that during our glorious struggle, a handful of Iraqi dogs would surrender to the will of the Great Satan, with his promises of technological marvel and televised, high-definition porn. Just as we have benefitted from those infidels who've become so enthralled by the romanticism of resistance and with the flowing silk finery of the noble, patriarchal Other that they have taken up our cause, however much they protest that obvious fact.

First militant: Ah! You mean like Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean?

Second militant: Like Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean, precisely.

Second militant: Allah be praised.
Now, is that good or what?

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