Saturday, December 24, 2005

Murtha Slams White House Drawdown

December 23, 2005 (Rougblog Exclusive) Decorated war veteran and current Pennsylvania Congressman Jack Murtha attacked the White House today for the drawdown of troops under conditions not in accordance with Democrat Party military tactics.

"The time to leave the field of battle is for surrender," said Murtha, a career military man before entering Congress. "Full retreat is an opportunity for goodwill, and we are squandering that potential goodwill."

The White House has said it is studying troop level reductions that could begin as soon as early next year.

"You look at the animal kingdom. When a dog leaves a fight he lowers his head and submits. The other dog lets the submitting dog go. The unextinct caribou in ANWR do the same thing. Only, well, they have antlers and not huge canine teeth. This is no way to leave the field of battle. Haven't we learned anything from Viet Nam?"

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