Thursday, December 15, 2005

Planned Parenthood Caught

From The Dawn Patrol, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate published on its "real stories" section of their website the tale of a 12 year old rape victim whom, according to the "real story" they helped by covering the whole thing up.

The Planned Parenthood chapter has removed the story from their website, but it is archived through The Dawn Patrol.

The abortion lobby has gotten so out of control on this "right to privacy" issue that they have become a not-so-clandestine prosecutor, judge and jury. Not only are the protecting the privacy of a 12 year old minor from their parents, but they are also protecting the privacy of a child raping monster. That is not a record I'd want to hang my hat on, regardless of how many babies I had successfully aborted.

Via Right Wing News.

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