Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Double Dipping Michigan Employees

According to the Detroit Free Press, there are 83 Michigan state employees that are both collecting a salary paid by the state of Michigan, as well as collecting on a pension paid by the state of Michigan.

Is it really any wonder why Michigan is going broke?

This is just another group of gluttonous bureaucrats with their collective noses in the public trough, being paid by a group of irresponsible bureaucrats who also have their noses deeply planted in the trough of public compensation. You can bet that any of these people, if they owned their own businesses, would not allow their employees to do this. Why? Because it is not good for business. But, since they are simply sponging off the taxpayers, and the salary supply (tax money) is unending, who cares?

Ed Dore, chief deputy director for the Michigan Department of Community Health, returned to state work in January knowing he'd receive a combined salary and annual pension. His combined take is $158,767.

Dore said he took a large pay cut to give up his job at a Lansing hospital and return to state government. He had retired at age 56 in late 2002 as chief operating officer for then-Secretary of State Candice Miller.

Drawing both a paycheck and pension "wasn't an issue with me," Dore said. "I spent 30 years in public service. Frankly, I missed it."
Dore is the largest beneficiary of the double dipping, one of 16 individuals collect a total in pension and salary of over $100,000.

It is apparent that this practice has been found to be legal, and I am not suggesting otherwise, but stupidity is not illegal, and this is just plain stupid.

I suppose I should find some peace over the fact that the State of Michigan isn't also paying these people consulting fees, well, assuming that they aren't...

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