Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Christmas Opinion

This article from every American's good friend, Jack Straw in The Times-Online.

THE CHRISTMAS CARD I sent out as Blackburn’s MP is a proper one. It was designed by Anna Souroullas (Year 3 of Holy Souls RC Primary School), who won a competition that I organised with some Blackburn schools. But it also has a proper message inside. “Best wishes for Christmas and the new year”.

I claim no pride of ownership in this message. After all it’s what one should expect of a Christmas card. But I have just noticed — alas, for the first time — that the card I sent out in my capacity as Foreign Secretary has the anodyne, non-Christmas message of “Season’s Greetings”. And I was horrified to learn from an American friend that in the circles in which she, at least, moves it is considered not the done thing to wish people one does not know well “Merry Christmas”, still less to send out “Christmas” cards saying so.
Well, Mr. Straw has something to say about that.

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