Saturday, April 08, 2006

Michigan's Auto Industry Problems

It is pretty easy to figure out why auto manufacturers want to avoid the state of Michigan, why our state lags the nation in job creation, why its educational system is nearing collapse, and why people are leaving the state in droves.

It is the too slow to turn attitudes of union workers like asshole Allen Wojczynski of Allen Park, who have clung to the "me, me" tenet of childlike selfishness that has done its absolute best to trash a state. Perhaps asshole is too strong a term--maybe ignorant union tool would be better.

In today's Detroit Free Press.

Allen Wojczynski, a veteran UAW member and Allen Park resident, doesn't like Toyota Motor Co.

Wojczynski, who has spent 38 years with General Motors Corp., would never buy a Toyota and he'd never work for Toyota. But he said a Toyota plant would be good for Michigan in the face of tens of thousands of layoffs coming for the state's auto industry.

"A job is a job," Wojczynski said "You look at some of these young kids we have in our plants. They're eventually going to get laid off."
The adversarial unions of Michigan have made it very difficult for the state to recruit manufacturing jobs. Even as the major automakers were losing hundreds of millions of dollars per quarter, the union members threatened strikes.

Do you morons think that Toyota isn't listening?


stonehands said...

Maybe "morons" is too strong a term - perhaps "ignorant union tool" would be better?

Nah, "moroon" fits.

aft friend said...

Sure, my grandfathers were morons too, for demanding fair treatment and living wages. It is people like you who are going to land us all in poverty. Welcome to minimum wage! Habla Espanol???

Anonymous said...

I put 38 years in at G.M. made 8 plant moves, worked the assy. line at Detroit Diesel theline at Poletown the line at Truck + Bus. What were you doing Oh I know always bitching and doing squat about anything.Don't complain when
all you know and believe about auto wrkers is nothing. You would not last 8 hours on the " LINE". Allen WOJO Wojczynski.