Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Palestinians Demand Apology

In what has to be considered echoes from the depths of mental illness, Palestinian militants are asking for an apology from Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for condemning the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv that occurred Monday.

From Haaretz via Little Green Footballs:

Palestinian militant groups demanded an apology Tuesday from Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for condemning Monday's deadly suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, in their harshest criticism yet of the moderate leader over his stand on violence.

The criticism, including from armed groups within Abbas' own Fatah party, underscored a growing debate among Palestinians over the use of violence against Israel.

"We ask President Abbas to apologize to the entire Palestinian people because of the offense he committed," the groups said in a joint statement by a coalition of militants read by a masked gunman at an open-air news conference in Gaza.
Let me see here, a terrorist abuses Islam by blowing up some Jews. Then the terrorists feel abused by a Muslim authority condemning the bombing. Now the abused Muslims (I reckon by both the bombing itself and the apology for it) abuse Islam again by comdemning the condemnation. Islam sure is taking a lot of lumps these days.

This EU language stuff is getting tough to figure out. (Thanks Bernie.)

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