Friday, April 07, 2006

An Immigration Starter Plan

The immigration issue today is as divisive a political topic as I have seen in years. Emotions are running high and, as always, this makes for great political theater.

Take a step back, wipe your brow, take a few deep breaths and then read this opinion piece in RedState.

We do not have all the answers on immigration. In fact, we are pretty sure no one does. For what it is worth, we cannot even agree on every point. But there are some points that should be included in any immigration plan and on which the directors of RedState can agree.

Before even getting into our points, let's start with the basic fact that something must be done. The cost of doing nothing is greater than even the cost of legitimate enforcement of current laws. Police in border states are overwhelmed as are local taxpayers. Many illegal immigrants insult the rule of law by being here, get angry when we call them "illegal" immigrants as opposed to "undocumented," and march in our streets demanding we do nothing to them. There is a social cost to illegal immigration and there is an economic cost.
Following is the seven point starter-plan that any immigration bill should include. Read it.

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