Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Peacemaker Deserving Respect

Here is a hero that did support the troops despite his inability to fight because of his beliefs. From with a hat tip to Right Nation.

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (AP) -- The only conscientious objector to receive a Medal of Honor in World War II has been buried at a national cemetery with a 21-gun salute.
[ ]
Doss had endured ridicule for his beliefs but "remained true to his convictions even when it was not the most popular thing to do," said Patti Parks, a retired Navy commander and director of the Medal of Honor Museum in Chattanooga.

Doss, who refused to carry a weapon during his wartime service in the Pacific as an Army medic, was the subject of a book, "The Unlikeliest Hero," and a 2004 documentary, "The Conscientious Objector."

Medal of Honor Society records show he was among 3,442 recipients of the nation's highest military honor.

While under fire on the island of Okinawa, Doss carried 75 wounded soldiers to the edge of a 400-foot cliff and lowered them to safety, according to his citation.

During a later attack, he was seriously wounded in the legs by a grenade. According to the citation, as he was being carried to safety, he saw a more critically injured man and crawled off his stretcher, directing the medics to help the other man.
Opposition to war does not have to mean hate America first.

Thank you Mr. Doss, for your service and your conviction.

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stonehands said...

It is the true heros such as Mr. Doss that protray the honorable spirit of the United States and make me pleased to be an American!