Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Poor, Poor Zacarias

It is pretty hard to feel sorry for the likes of Zacarias Moussaoui despite the fact that he lived a difficult childhood, but that is what the prostitute attorneys of Moussaoui would like you to feel. They would like you to feel it in your gut. They would like you to feel it in your heart. In fact, they would like you to feel it in every fiber of your being. Because, without that sort of total body numbedness, it will be very hard to forget that little poor Zacarias, is a cold blooded murdering pig.

Michelle Malkin isn't buying any of it. From Townhall.

A social worker and a psychologist offered pathos-laden testimony about Moussaoui's difficult childhood. His abusive father. The anti-Muslim taunts of schoolmates. The hostility of the parents of his French girlfriend, under whom Moussaoui "suffered a lot of pain about not being accepted." The courtroom soap opera climaxed with video testimony exhibiting his troubled sisters, who called their beloved Zacarias the "little sweetheart of the family." Sniffle.

According to The New York Times, which headlined its story "Moussaoui's Childhood Is Presented as Mitigating Factor," Dr. Xavier Amador told the jury Monday that Little Orphan Moussaoui "suffered from schizophrenia of the paranoid variety."

Let me throw away the medical dictionary and give my diagnosis of the defense team's diagnosis: Bull.
Incidentally, I'm not buying either.

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