Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Immigrants Fired For Skipping Work To Attend Protests

As it turns out, not all companies are buckling under the immigrant pressure. Some companies, it appears, actually have products to produce and work to get done. So, after 15 immigrants skip work to attend the immigration protests in Detroit, Wolverine Packing canned them, apparently desiring employees that actually show up to work when they are needed. From the Detroit Free Press.

"It was not fair,'" said Mercedes, a 31-year-old Detroit woman who attended the rally and was fired. "We went to fight for our rights." Mercedes is undocumented and asked that her last name not be used.

"It was really unfair of a company to do that," said Edith Castillo, head of the Detroit-based Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development.
Ya, well, is it fair for an employer to have to work the day understaffed so that 15 people can go have a party? Didn't think so.

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