Monday, April 03, 2006

Belgian Taxpayers Underwriting Belgium's Social Demolition

Somewhere along the line it was determined by the very wise that society benefits when those that have, ease the burdens of those that have not. Acting as benevolent, gift-providing middle men, socialist governments have taken on the task of bestowing assistance to those who they decide are in deserving need.

These offerings can include food, housing, medicine, health care, education, transportation, child care, job training, art grants, etc., but are certainly not limited to these high efforts. The gifts, however, do not come free for they are overtly paid for by citizens who must shoulder the burdens chosen for them, and covertly paid by the society itself through costs such as higher unemployment, lower productivity, inflation, sacrificed essential services, etc.

One such example comes out of Belgium today as reported in The Brussels Journal.

Last week the Belgian authorities detained a Belgian of Turkish origin who runs a sandwich bar in Hasselt. In 2005 the man had employed more than 70 Turks, each for only one day. As a result of this the Turks, who came over from Turkey to work in the Hasselt sandwich bar, were entitled to stay in Belgium and became eligible for Belgian unemployment and sickness benefits. The Turkish Belgian had a number of accomplices within the Belgian social services. The mastermind of the whole network was an employee of MultiColores, the pro-immigration non-profit organisation of the Belgian Socialist trade union ABVV.

The Belgian law says that foreigners who come to Belgium to join family already living there, are entitled to Belgian welfare benefits if they have worked in Belgium for at least one day. In order to be allowed to work for one day in the sandwich bar, the Turks had to pay 1,000 euro to the network, which also included a Turkish imam. The sandwich bar owner was detained for a few hours, but was later released.
It is pretty easy here to determine here who are the winners and who are the losers.

The winners are the immigrants that worked for a day in the deli and are now able to enjoy the fruits of another's labor. The second group of winners is the politicians that can use these liberal immigration policies coupled with lavish welfare benefits to attract large voting blocs come election time.

The losers here are, first, Belgians in general that are paying undeserved welfare benefits to a group that most likely will never have allegiance to Belgium, and sadly, to the sandwich shop owner who, after 70 tries, couldn't find one damn keeper in the bunch.

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