Friday, April 21, 2006

Muslim Sensitive Toilets

I must admit I was a bit amused when I read about this in BBC News:

Facilities in a prison are being built so Muslim inmates do not have to face Mecca while sitting on the toilet.

The Home Office said two new toilet blocks are being installed as part of a refurbishment at Brixton jail in south London.

Faith leaders had told prison bosses it was unacceptable for Muslim inmates to face Mecca while using the toilet.

"The refurbishment has been carried out with due consideration for all faiths", a Home Office spokeswoman said.
If they aren't facing Mecca when using the bathroom, aren't they crapping toward it?

H/t The Religion of Peace.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WTF they get more rights. And by the way ONLY muslims can use these new toilets. Us infidels should have new toilets so we can crap their lunch for them.