Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Protest Backlash

Now, some people inside the immigration protest circle are debating the benefit of another huge protest (and work stoppage) currently scheduled for May 1st.

From Yahoo:

LOS ANGELES - Organizers of the movement that has led hundreds of thousands of immigrants onto the nation's streets are split over whether to press ahead with the next big protest -- a May 1 national work stoppage and student boycott. Backers of the protest want to dramatize the importance of immigrants to the U.S. economy by leaving construction sites and restaurants undermanned, crops untended and hotel rooms uncleaned. They also hope empty classrooms will demonstrate that immigration reform is a major issue for future voters.
Protest all you like for all that I care. However, you do need to know that these things will have repurcussions.

What I really need to see is another graphic of how much money we American taxpayers are spending on the illegal immigration problem. Pictures of empty classrooms (built by American taxpayers) and staffed by teachers (paid for by American taxpayers) might be just exactly what I'm looking for.

I want to see millions of empty classroom seats! I want to see millions of Mexican flag waving immigrant students out in the streets on May 1st. Then I'm going to multiply each of those empty seats (or walking butts, depending on the photos) by $10,000 (a national educational spending average by student) to arrive at a dollar amount.

Then, I'm going to write my Congressman.

March, baby, march!

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