Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Throwing Stones Inside a Glass House Isn't Very Smart Either

Let's be clear about one thing--this doofus Akin was never the pick of the tea party.  He was, in fact, the democrat's favored candidate to face Claire McCaskill in the Missouri senate race.

The Alaskan snowbilly Sarah Palin endorsed another primary candidate as did a number of other national and state (truly) conservative voices.  That being said, McCaskill is the embodiment of generic leftist talking points and would be the poorer option on the ballot were she facing off against a poorly garnished platter of slightly green cold cuts. 

But Todd Akin is no poor man's hors d'oeuvres--he is a Republican.   Which means that after he makes the mistake of uttering something dreadfully dumb he can expect to be excoriated by those of his own party with greater passion than those within the party of Claire McCaskill. 

Barack Obama (and McCaskill) has said so many dumb things about the economy, about the American Dream, about the military, about the motivations of others, about history, and about the country he leads that were he held to the same standard as Akin our dear leader would have been bullied out of his own slot on the ticket by about week three.  But no, only one major political party holds itself to that standard.  In fact, Obama can stand pat behind his belief that a baby who survives an abortion against the wishes of the mother can be killed after delivery--no vetting necessary.  No defense necessary.  Therefore, no apology necessary.

Not the republicans who seem to have turned into a party of losers displaying symptoms of M√ľnchausen syndrome.

For democrats, no apology is ever expected for blatant serial stupidity while at the same time Akin's apology over his isolated absurd statements cannot suffice for any political party--never mind that his abortion position has been consistent all along and that his comments, regardless of their absurdity, fit within his well known opinion on abortion.. 

Am I angry with Akin for not stepping aside once the landslide began to fall on his head?  Ya, this is an important election and the timeliness of. this prolonged absurdity is disastrous.  He got baited into saying something dumb by a cheer leading media and he should have know better. I wish the incident had never occurred.

What pisses me off the most though is that the good old GOP rolled as many rocks down the hill as did the democrats.

This is not an election about abortion.  This is an election about the economy.  How we can allow stupid comments on the former to sway an election while we aggressively ignore stupid ones on the latter is beyond me.  Perhaps Karl Rove knows the answer.