Friday, September 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I arrived back into Oscoda County today after a three week stint absent internet access. It was three weeks that included a lot of hard work and over three thousand miles in the old Buick on my now too-flattened backside.

I ache and need sleep.

The trip home had its highlights. There was the Georgia broadcast of a local Atlanta citizen in trouble with the government for, gasp, growing and selling too much food produced on his own property.

There was the news report on Lexington, Kentucky's attempt to get its citizens to voluntarily adopt European style energy regulations on windows, doors, and who knows what else. You know, the kind that have not been seriously considered anywhere else in America. Then again, I suppose no serious attempt to herd people off the cliff can end successfully without a lone brave lemming out front.

There was also the conversation I had with a gentleman outside a hotel who carefully lit his cigarette outside the hotel's entrance in order to comply with the new local ordinance that makes smoking a criminal offense if it is committed within 25 feet from the entrance. He defiantly stood in a misty rain exactly 26 feet away from the front door--he'd measured.

I have one short week here in Michigan before I again venture out into a world where a job is available...that would be an out-of-state job of today and not one of the blessed jobs of Michigan's tomorrow that Jennifer Granholm would love me to have the patience to wait for.