Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Belgium Looks Away

Do you know this young man?

At only 17, Joe Van Holsbeeck has certainly not decided for sure what his life's ambition will be. Perhaps a doctor or lawyer. He could be a business leader, dockworker, scientist or engineer. In fact, at this young age with a full life ahead of him, a person can choose to become just about anything that they want to be. Unless, of course, that choice is ripped away.

Joe Van Holsbeeck was murdered by a gang of Muslim punks last week while standing on a crowded train platform during rush hour in Brussels Central Station. After Joe refused to give away his MP3 player to the thugs, they stabbed him five times in the chest.

Even aside from the sheer brutality of the attack, there are many other things about this incident that just plain hurt. First of all, on that crowded ramp full of rush hour commuters, no one had either the guts or the concern to try and stop the attack. It is a possibility that no one actually noticed the attack with the hubbub of trains arriving and leaving, but I find this possibility pretty hard to believe.

Secondly, the police, government and media have tried very hard to obscure the fact that the attackers were Muslims. Along this same line, investigators at the scene were particularly interested to know if Joe had used any ethnic slurs against the thugs before they knifed him, as if such a thing would justify a good stabbing.

But, most concerning of all is the response to the crime by leftist Cardinal Godfried Danneels who is placing the blame of the murder on the materialism and indifference of western culture. Huh?

From the Brussels Journal:

Joe’s murder has shocked the Belgians. For an entire week the police, the authorities and most of the media have tried to downplay the fact that the killers are Muslim youths. Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt and Cardinal Godfried Danneels addressed the indignation, but gave it a spin of their own. How was it possible for such an atrocity to take place in a crowd with no-one interfering, they asked. Both Verhofstadt and Danneels said that Joe was a victim of “indifference in Belgian society.” “Where were you last Wednesday at 4 pm?!” the Cardinal asked the congregation in Brussels Cathedral during his Easter sermon on Sunday. The Cardinal blamed the murder on the materialism and greed of Western society “where people get killed for an MP3 player.”
There are horror stories out there where people have been murdered for a pair of sneakers, for a few dollars in coins, or over a simple insult. But, the horror of this isn't that someone had the audacity to own a pair of basketball shoes or carry around enough money for some fast food.

The horror of this is that Muslim youth rampaging about Europe and committing terrible crime is not an oddity, that the media is too afraid to mention it, that the common man is too scared to do anything about it, that the police are too worried about being called racists to properly investigate it, that the government is too steeped in social engineering to care about it, and that Cardinal Danneels wants to blame the West for it!

Wake up people! If you don't feel your culture and way of life is worth saving it will absolutely be lost. Heaven help Europe if the savior of that continent has to come from the same group of people that averted their eyes as a knife was plunged repeatedly into the chest of Joe Van Holsbeeck.

With millions already committing cultural suicide, who could possibly care enough to notice the death of one young Belgian man in their very midst?


Manictastic said...

Right, fact changing has happened here.
a) a gang, they were with two
b) it wasn't on a platform it was in the central hall of Brussel Central
c)the first person to give aid to this young man was in fact a north-african muslim
All I had to add to this article, the rest is free for opinion.

Anonymous said...

Please, if you want to do a story about the murder, then state the REAL facts, this is only BS!!!!
First: it wasn't a gang of muslim punks, it were only TWO POLISH boys, one is arrested, the other one has fled the country.
SO, if you want to put info on this blog, be sure to read all and make the right things on the blog and not lies that will spread hate and rumors that are false!!!!
Secondly, I feel very bad for the familie and Joe, but if he had only given them his MP3 player instead of being the 'macho' type that began to shuffle and make threaths against them, he would still be alive. Everyone knows that when you are outpowered, you do what those people tell you to do otherwise there are troubles. He should've given them that player and then he still would be alive today. I condemn those violent acts and want the perps to be punished and I want justice for Joe, but if you look at it from different angles, you might say he had somewhat had to blame himself for what has happened IMO.