Saturday, July 10, 2010

Checking In

My reader has probably noticed that Rougblog entries of late have been sparse.

This lull in the action began as I prepared for the graduation of my daughter from high school, persisted through the planning and execution of the graduation party, and then continued as the job search heated up and I was called out of town for several, at the time, encouraging prospects. Alas, these prospects have produced bupkis for me and as a result I have decided to pare back some home expenses until I can get some regular dollars into my bank account.

Thus, I am currently without internet service at my house. If things get bad enough I might even have to stay out of the casino, cut back on the vodka, and start to avoid the strip clubs. But seriously, first things first.

Too much is going on politically in this country and state for me to stay silent too long. There are oil giants to punish into oblivion, union favors to curry, industries to bring into the fold, citizens to be forced into state favored behaviors, an ever-present cloven hoof to be pried out of the vice president's mouth, and yesteryear's villains to blame it all on.

Who could possibly want to miss all that?