Monday, April 24, 2006

Me-Too Muslims

*** Updated ***

Eighty thousand people, including many Muslims that also hate terrorism, filled the streets in Brussels yesterday showing their solidarity against violence in the aftermath of the stabbing death of Joe Van Holsbeeck by two Muslim immigrants.

Marches of solidarity like this help the populace articulate their sorrow and disgust at such wanton and senseless killing. Unfortunately, the end result of this huge effort will have exactly zero impact.

If Muslims are worried about the abuse of their religion through terrorism, they must understand that they are the only ones capable of taking it back from the terrorists. How many Dutch laws will it take to keep violent Muslims from killing? How many EU officials will it take to denounce racism to the point that fanatical Muslims open their eyes and renounce violence toward and hatred of the infidel? How many welfare reforms will the French have to pass before rioting Muslims there embrace French culture and society? How many Belgian marches will it take to calm the terror inspiring mosques and schools?

The sad fact is that the only meaningful effort that has been made to arrest mushrooming Islamic terrorism has been by the west--which is woefully inadequate when it comes to confronting the seeds of terrorism. The West really has only one option; that of wiping out the seeds by force--and that is an option unpopular with both sides. However, we do not have the people or the time necessary to infiltrate and nuance a change in direction, so realistically, what else can we do other than hunt and kill? If a systemic change can be made it will have to be initiated by Muslims, and Muslims have not done nearly enough.

So, when will the real rejection of terror begin in the Muslim communities? When will the me-too Muslims step with solidarity into the mosques preaching evil and the schools teaching evil? When will me-too Muslims (by all accounts 80% of the Muslim population) demand the end of terrorism? When will the me-too Muslims confront Muslim sponsors of terrorism? When will me-too Muslims themselves denounce the hate that drives the jihad, not with anonymity in the streets of Belgium, but openly in the mosques?

I applaud the me-too Muslims that took part in the marches, but I challenge them, because at the very most, this was the very least they could do. After all, how much bravery does it take to share the street with 80,000 others?

*** Updated *** 4/25

Belgian authorities have arrested a 16 year old Polish immigrant for the murder of Joe Van Holsbeeck. A second 16 year old Pole is also being sought.

The Brussels Journal reports.


Anonymous said...

Please, before giving lessons to the whole world just lean the basics of common sense: be sure of what you claim. Your comments just sound ridiculous 48hours later and show a great willingness to find in muslims the source of all the problems. Does anyone will dare to say the Poles are criminal in nature? No, these two perons are criminals. Period.

We, muslims, are fed ud with your attitude and comments where we have to justify ourselves for what we neither accept nor can change.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Wait a minaret We CHRISTIANS cant change or wont change. did you know the punishment for becomng a Christian IS death!! what a peaceful bunch of butt holes oops being gay is a death sentence. muslims believe only muslims will find heaven.

Anonymous said...

what no name no balls either.