Saturday, March 04, 2006

"The Bloody Borders Project"

Please check out The Bloody Borders Project: Worldwide Islamic Terrorism Since September 11th.

An interactive map tracks all Islamic terrorist attacks since 9-11 across the globe, and color catagorizes them according to severity and timeline.

Thanks to Little Green Footballs.

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stonehands said...

Sobering, isn't it?
This should cause one to pause & think of one's life both now & eternal ...

Time is running out.

Things are & will get worse before getting better. It is good to have inner peace in the midst of the storm when one knows the true God as I do.

My continued prayer is that our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ, returns soon.

Thanks for keeping our eyes open, Rougman.
As the Christian is commanded:
'Watch & be ready.'.