Friday, March 10, 2006

Gaming Weekend Poetry: Oh, Beguiling Sandwich Of Thinly Sliced Ham

Oh beguiling sandwich of thinly sliced ham
That rests softly within the bosom of newborn wheat loaf,
We cherish your form.

You, piled high twixt the crown and sole of yeoman goodness, are
A mixed delight of savor, raising our primal wants
To a frantic, fevered pitch.

Well, sort of. At least given the circumstances.
This is gaming weekend, afterall, and no women are allowed.
We might as well load up.

1 comment:

stonehands said...

While the poetry may be suspect, I say,
"Bring on the smoked deli ham & swiss on wheat! Let's follow Dagwood's example and pile 'em high with all the condiments!"