Thursday, March 09, 2006

Islam Does Not Have To Spread With a Bang

Islam has two ways of spreading across the globe. One way is confrontational and murderous and demands our immediate attention. The other way is much more stealthy and, if played properly, is barely noticed at all.

As our skyscrapers fell in New York, the creeping influence of Muslims in Europe was already decades old. Liberal immigration laws and exploding birth rates among many immigrant communities heaped the newcomers with powers and consequences undreamed of by the countries affected. Now, in the Netherlands, in 2006, what was unnoticed for many years is starting to capture some attention.

From The Brussels Journal via The Religion of Peace.

Today the center-left newspaper De Volkskrant writes that the immigrant vote has tipped the balance in favour of the Left. This should not come as a surprise. All across Europe, immigrants tend to vote for the Left. The Left is perceived to be the welfare state’s Santa Claus. Most of the immigrants who came to Europe during the past decades were attracted by the generous welfare benefits which Western Europe lavishly bestows on the “underprivileged.” Today, owing to their demographic growth, the immigrant vote is increasing as more and more young immigrants reach voting age. In many countries the Left has begun to cater for the immigrants, aware that the immigrants guarantee their power.

According to the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies of the University of Amsterdam 80% of the non-indigenous electorate voted for Labour. This explains why cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda and Arnhem succumbed to the Left. 84% of the Turks voted for the PvdA; 81% of the Antillians/Surinamese did likewise. Of the Moroccans 78% voted Labour and 12% voted Green Left.
While this sort of slow change in voter demographics doesn't carry with it all the immediate fear and resistance that jihad does, the resultant society can be one and the same. Europeans will soon have to decide whether they prefer dhimmitude or a new place to live.

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Anonymous said...

This is precisely what is happening elsewhere all over Western Europe (France, Germany, Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy, Austria). Immigrants (especially Muslims) will vote for leftist parties to ensure that the flow of generous state-sponsored benefits will continue.

One sincerely wonders whether the leftists themselves have taken a longer-term view of the consequences of depending upon the immigrants' (and especially Muslims') votes. Such immigrants generally hold social and political opinions that ought to be anathema to the leftists.

The elected Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has repeatedly invited the Muslim cleric, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, to the City Hall as an honoured guest. Mr Livingstone vociferously supports gay rights and feminism, while Mr al-Qaradawi equally vociferously doesn't (indeed, he believes that homosexuals should be killed).

It is difficult to know whether the leftists are cynically opportunist, or merely naive. In the case of Mr Livingstone, a ruthless and wily politician, the former seems more likely. Nevertheless, I suspect that many leftists believe, naively, that the immigrants, including the Muslims, will express their gratitude for the largesse bestowed upon them by embracing the same politically-correct pieties on gay rights, feminism, etc.

They are surely in the grip of an irrational belief-system. Those whom they routinely deride as "racists" often display a far surer grasp of the realities of the situation (although there are, of course, vulgar racists who have not thought the issues through rationally). Such "race realists", as we might term them, do not expect the immigrants to feel strongly obligated to the host society, and, especially, to the leftists who have sought to bribe them. The Muslims especially, when they reach critical mass, will demand greater political representation, either through infiltrating the leftist parties and changing them from within, or, when their numbers permit, by forming their own political movements. We might expect a fairly rapid shift of political allegiances in the second of these two scenarios.