Monday, March 27, 2006

Belgian Government Seeks To Limit Speech About Islam

That wonderful Belgian agency of thought and speech control, the Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (CEOOR), has had its fill of one Father Père Samuel, for his remarks on television in 2002, that Muslims represent a "time bomb" in Europe. After nearly 4 years and what must have been an exceedingly thorough investigation, the judiciary has decided that Father Samuel should be prosecuted for “incitement to racist hatred." If the wheels of justice in Belgium turn as quickly as their investigations, I'd say we can expect a trial in about 2020.

Father Samuel was born and raised in Turkey as part of the minority Aramaic Christian community. He fled that country for Belgium in 1972 because of Islamic persecution of Christians (apparently the Turkish government has no internal agency designed to keep Muslims from saying mean things about Catholics.)

From today's Brussels Journal,

Last Thursday the Belgian judiciary decided that the priest will have to stand trial before the penal court in Charleroi. He reacted by repeating his time bomb statement and added that he would be honoured if he had to go to jail for speaking his mind. He added that Jesus, too, had been convicted. During yesterday’s sermon he called upon the faithful to accompany him to court. “We will turn this into an excursion, driving there in full buses.”
If Father Samuel is so shamelessly promoting hatred and racist thoughts, how many of his congregation's members are engaging in suicide bombings aimed at the Muslim community? How many of his followers have stabbed or threatened Muslims critical of Christianity? How many mosques have his followers stormed shouting "God is great" while gunning down Imams? It can only be a matter of time I suppose before a car load of Father Samuel's Catholics, a bit giddy on some Merlot, drive their oversized Land Rover into a bunch of Muslims in retribution for the slaughter of innocents. No wonder the CEOOR wants Father Samuel stifled.

These sort of dangerous government agencies are riding legal shotgun to a Muslim population that intends to take over the European continent in much the same way it took over most of the Middle East, north Africa, and much of southern and southeast Asia. Father Samuel has seen the way it works with his own eyes and has lived it as well. At this point however, the Belgian government doesn't want to hear about it and they don't want anyone else to hear about it either.

Until Father Samuel begins to advocate the murder of or crimes against Muslims he should be free to enter his ideas into the marketplace of free thought. The COOER, however, has other priorities. In fact, it appears that the most important thing to the CEOOR is that, up until the point when power is finally handed to the Muslims, the conquerors should be surprised that not all Belgians want to live under Sharia.

Well, at least those that really don't.

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