Saturday, March 25, 2006

Quiet Evening

Ran into Rusty and Buford and Sam and George and Nick and Clyde and Londen in the basement last night. We played some poker and had a few laughs.

Then something really weird happened. We were doing a little foraging here and there when Londen happened across a little yellow box with some powder in it. I didn't like the taste so just left it to him. Well, you know Lon, he gorged himself and then went a bit crazy. He kept screaming "hard four," claimed to have been a basketball star once and started saying Stonewall Jackson was some former President.

But, I set pretty strict limits on the amount of historical ignorance I'll be exposed to, and after a few minutes of that craziness I lost Lon and hit the kitchen for some high-fiber cereal that for some reason didn't agree with me too much. I just couldn't get it out of my system and had to spend a while squatting on the knives with severe cramps.

Finally after I started to feel a little better, the guys and I (minus Londen) got together again and sang a few choruses of Band on the Run before we finally split up for good.

I love spring break.

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