Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dishonest Detroit Teachers Call In Sick

In just another tired example of how ethically bankrupt teachers unions are, 54 schools were forced to close today in Detroit due to a massive teacher sick-out.

From the Detroit Free Press.

As of Wednesday morning, Detroit Public School officials said at least 1,500 teachers called in sick.

Many teachers apparently called in sick to protest their losing five days' pay this year at a time when principals and assistant principals may get pay increases.
For Detroit students today two very important lessons were being taught even though the doors were closed.

One, to Detroit teachers, infighting with the school district is more important than being in the classroom to teach and, two, lying is ok.

Is it any wonder that the Detroit school district provides a substandard education? It is all about burying your face as deeply into the public trough as humanly possible--students be damned.

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