Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Video of Kidnapped CPT Activists in Iraq

From the Christian Peacemaker Team's website:

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) is aware that a new videotape showing members of our organization abducted in Iraq on November 26, 2005 has aired today on Al-Jazeera television. We continue to pray for their safe and speedy release so that they may return to their families and carry on their peaceful work on behalf of all Iraqi detainees.

This past weekend marked the 100th day since our friends disappeared in Baghdad. In vigils around the world, people came together to honor our missing colleagues and to call for their safe release. We also hold in our hearts the families of 14,600 Iraqis currently detained illegally by the Multi-national Forces in Iraq who likewise await the release of their loved ones. These detainees are being held without formal charges, without access to their families and legal advisors, and without recourse to a fair and open judicial process.
There is nothing more maddening to me than to hear the diatribe of leftist appeasers flailing about a cesspool of moral equivalency. What I want to know is where were the CPT when hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were being murdered, maimed and detained by the tyrant the US ousted from Iraq? I want to know why CPT isn't in Sudan standing between the Islamist murderers and Christian villagers. I want to know why CPT isn't surrounding suppressed Iranians as the mullahs sentence them to routine stonings and hangings.

You can bet that if and when the US or Israel has to strike against Iran (and brace yourselves folks, that is very likely to happen) that the CPT will be bravely protesting Israel and the US and siding with the murdering mullahs. You can bet also that if the US took down the raiders of Sudan that the CPT would be there in force protesting the deaths of murdering raiders and the regrettable innocent casualties.

The problem I have with the CPT is that they do not recognize that murdering regimes will continue to kill either forever or until they are stopped. While the CPT is wringing its hands in nervous guilt we are still in the battle of freeing a people and getting them on their feet.

I do wish for the safe return of the CPT members. In freedom this time, however, I hope they opt not be the propogandizing mouthpieces of fascist murderers.

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