Friday, March 31, 2006

Jill Carroll's Allegience

***UPDATED 4-01***

Yesterday the Sandmonkey was celebrating with handstands and cartwheels over the release of Jill Carroll. If you have read many of his rantings, you will know that he doesn't have a lot of patience for radical Islamic mayhem and appeasement.

He ended his comments on the release with this:

So far so good, but I swear to god if she starts talking about how she thinks the people who kidnapped her were victims or they did it because they need schools or similar stockholm related syndrome crap, she is so on my shit-list it’s not even funny.
Now, it appears as if the Sandmonkey's shitlist might have to grow one name longer.


Jill Carroll is disavowing her statements made in which she condemned the coalition forces in Iraq saying the statements were made under threat of death. From MYWAY/AP with a hat tip to Right Nation.

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