Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Iran wants UN to probe “rights abuses” in U.S."

From Iran Focus today.

Tehran, Iran, Mar. 28 – Iran’s Foreign Minister has expressed “concern” over “human rights abuses” in the United States and called on the United Nations to investigate the matter.

Mottaki censured “widespread human rights violations in the U.S.”, highlighting the treatment of black people and Muslims.

He called for the United Nations to appoint a new Special Rapporteur to investigate and report on “cases of human rights violations by America”.

Mottaki made the remarks on Monday during a meeting with Cuban Transport Minister Carlos Manuel Pazo, the government-run news agency Fars reported.
It is touching that the international community is taking interest in the civil rights of Americans in America. I'm certain that the government of Iran, having threatened to loose an army of tens of thousands of suicide bombers on the west, will make certain that all such martyrs will detonate themselves far away from all US citizens.

Hat tip to Right Nation.

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