Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Reflection on Home Security

I try to look at the logic of it all. I try to understand the reasoning that could be driving this activity, the will of the criminal, the thoughts behind the act, the gall necessary to perpetrate the evil.

We surround ourselves with walls of wood and stone not just in an attempt to harness the warmth and love that only a family can provide, but also to provide us with safety and security from the elements of ill designed behavior.

Our homes are not fortresses, for if they were they would provide only the latter and not the former. But, they are not public parks either, open to whoever feels like sauntering inside or passing through. We expect and deserve our privacy, our safety, and the warmer comforts of life inside the protected places we call our homes.

So, it really pisses me off when a mouse decides to take a dump inside my silverware drawer. It ain't like I keep food in there.

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stonehands said...

Hey, maybe you can charge 'em rent!