Friday, February 24, 2006

A Mistaken Response to Nazi Idiots

Late last year a Nazi rally was held in Toledo. The rally, if it had not been exposed to a counter-rally, would have occurred with no one even noticing, and the Nazis would have been forced to go home disappointed. Unfortunately there was a counter rally and rioting ensued, providing the Nazis the national stage they desired for their propaganda.

Now, the same group that organized the Toledo rally is planning a rally in Florida for this weekend. If no one would pay any attention the rally would just fizzle out and the morons would be forced to go home discouraged that they got no attention.

Once again, however, someone is stepping forward to provide the Nazis exactly what they are hoping for.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Despite pleas from police to stay home during a neo-Nazi march planned for downtown Orlando this weekend, state Sen. Gary Siplin said he is going to stage a counter demonstration that will shower the neo-Nazis with love.

The same neo-Nazi group that instigated violence in Toledo, Ohio, last year will march along Hughey and Church streets and then head north on Terry Avenue to Washington Street before ending at the Federal Courthouse.

However, an hour before the planned neo-Nazi rally, Siplin, other area ministers and city leaders will engage in what he calls a "prayer march."

"We need to be cool," Sen. Siplin said. "We are going to love them. We are going to shower them with love because we know love conquers all. Love never fails and love conquers hate."
There is no doubt that we Christians believe that love will, in the end, conquer over evil. However, it is during the intermediate steps of life on Earth where evil does win battles -- just like they won the battle in Toledo last year.

This is a battle where love will not win, but where a heaping dose of indifference stands a real good chance.


Bill White said...

We've had dozens of rallies since Toledo I, and our movement has grown exponentially.

The reason people don't ignore us is because they support us.

Look at it this way -- National Socialism is now more popular than your phony Judaized Christianity.


Heil Hitler!

Rougman said...

Better zip it Bill before the all-powerful Jews have you neutralized. You know, with them controlling everything and all.

What a dope.

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