Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Church of England Divests From Companies Used By Israel in the Territories

From the Jerusalem Post today.

The former archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday he was "ashamed to be an Anglican" following Monday's vote by the Church of England to disinvest from companies whose products are used by the Israeli government in the territories.

The February 6 divestment vote, which was backed by current Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, was "a most regrettable and one-sided statement," Lord Carey said, and one that "ignores the trauma of ordinary Jewish people" in Israel subjected to terrorist attacks.

Lord Carey joined Jewish leaders protesting the vote by the General Synod, the church's legislature, to adopt a "morally responsible investment in the Palestinian occupied territories and, in particular, to disinvest from companies profiting from the illegal occupation, such as Caterpillar Inc., until they change their policies."
It would seem the Anglican Church has decided that it would be responsible for Jews in Israel to expose themselves to the cancerous violence of Palestinians who have proven time and again that they will strike at innocents whenever the opportunity arises.

A little history lesson on the territory once called "Transjordan" needs to be learned by the Church of England. Then, a little history lesson should be learned about the various wars that have been fought on that soil since Israel was created. Then, another lesson should be studied on the creation of the refugees of Palestine, most still living in camps. Finally, the Church of England might want to look up and study Israel's legitimate claims to the lands that they have been slowly ceding back to the Arabs one piece at a time.

This action by the Church of England does nothing but expose it for its ignorance of history. If they want to argue that Israel should give back territory that it rightly owns because it would be a good faith gesture, I can almost buy that as a legitimate-minded (though errant) argument. But, to demand that Israel give back its land because it was illegally received is ignoring historical fact.

It used to be that American Anglicans were the real embarrassment for world Anglican Churches. Now it appears that there are pockets of embarrassment for Anglicans in old world Anglican Churches as well.

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