Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Carter Says US Withholding Funds From Hamas A Mistake

Front Page has this article today about Jimmy Carter and Hamas.

In Hamas, former president Jimmy Carter has found yet another murderous Islamist regime in need of his services. In a Washington Post op-ed yesterday entitled “Don’t Punish the Palestinians,” America’s Worst Ex-President declared it was morally and strategically wrong to withhold funds from the Palestinian Authority’s new government, led by Hamas.

In his perpetually feckless style, Carter suggests, “top Hamas leaders may choose to concentrate their influence in the parliament and propose moderates or technocrats for prime minister and cabinet posts.” But peace-loving Hamas moderates might be provoked by American “collusion” with Israel, especially if Israel chooses to “withhold funds…Palestinians earn from customs and tax revenue.” (Greedy Jews.)

He griped, “This will present significant obstacles to a government's functioning effectively.”

Exactly. This government is led by a terrorist organization seeking to push Jews into the Mediterranean and extend a fundamentalist Islamic Palestine “from the river to the sea,” before exporting its jihad. Pardon Israel if it doesn’t want to contribute to the cause; it gave at the bus stop.
Point after objective point are made in the rest of the article.

It is not that I believe Carter is an evil man. I do, however, believe that the ignorance and naivete of others are often used as tools by the evil among us, and Carter's penchant for both is being harnessed for evil purposes. It is only that Carter is largely recognized as a dipstick here in America that his efforts aren't gaining a lot of domestic traction. (I hope this comparison is not a great insult to dipsticks.)

Despite those in the US largely ignoring Carter, every time he opens his mouth he lends legitimacy to the crackpot opinions of our enemies abroad -- fueling their anti-American attitudes and frenzies.

Please, Jimmy, go back to Habitat for Humanity. It would be nice to see you support the building of something for a change, rather than just advocating those in the business of destruction.

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