Friday, February 10, 2006

Islamic Lawyer: "Britain Belongs to Allah"

From WebIndia, with a h/t to The Religion of Peace, radical Muslim Anjem Choudray has this to say about the British and Britain in general:

'Who said that you own Britain anyway? You belong to Allah. Britain belongs to Allah, the whole world belongs to Allah. There isnt anywhere on the earth that I wont propagate Gods law.'
It is time that westerners begin to believe what they hear out of the mouths of Muslims, for they have given us no reason to doubt their desires and fortitude. More and more these evil propagators of violence are speaking for the too visible wing of Islam, for it is their character and actions that have driven the politics of these theocrats.

However, it isn't just the violent Muslims that desire Islam to rule the world. The methods employed to achieve the goal of world domination is where these two branches of the "religion of peace" part ways. Peaceful Muslims wish to envelope the world through immigration and cultural evolution, while jihadists wish to attain more immediate control through violence and threats.

The end result of course, is exactly the same...sharia law, no pork, and a colorful selection of goat-hair prayer rugs.

It is tragic that we are only listening to the violent Muslims while giving little attention to the desires of the peaceful masses of Islam--estimated at over 1,000,000,000 strong.

Human nature dictates that our eyes and ears be drawn to the bombs across the street, and they have been. Who is left to listen to that light tapping at our own back door?

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