Monday, September 07, 2009


That is the sum total of experience that Ron Bloom has in engineering and manufacturing and practical business administration. Yet, he is Barack Obama's choice for Manufacturing Czar, a position beyond the reach of congressional oversight, and one that could probably use at least some 'toe in the water' expereince when it comes to creating policies that would benefit industries historically dependent on engineering, manufacturing and business administration.

Zero is not a lot.

What Ron Bloom does bring to the table are many years of labor union representation and years of investment banking. I think it is safe to say that Ron Bloom is no idiot. I think it is not safe to say that Ron Bloom has the necessary point of view to envision the challenges that automobile manufacturers and other struggling businesses have today or the predicated willingness to allow the them to either independently adapt to stressful economic conditions or fail. That is not how he has been trained and it is not why he was hired.

If Ron Bloom was selected as manufacturing czar for the experience he does have, I think that Barack Obama believes he has steered the US government around a philosophical corner that no longer needs private manufacturing as a stand alone and independent benefit to our economy. What he sees is that manufacturing in general, and the automotive industry in particular, are simply pieces of equipment to be used in helping orchestrate our economy's social goals from the Oval Office.

Barack Obama has stated many times that he has no desire to run a car company. Yet every move he makes that might impact the auto industry is a move that belies his comments.

Ron Bloom, labor negotiator and investment banker, help to prove the point.

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