Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Obtuse Among Us

We can always count upon three distinct parasitic constituencies to plead for ever more tax dollars regardless of how crippled an economy becomes. It never matters how often taxation is proven to be an economy killer, or how often tax increases are shown to lower tax revenues for these obnoxious panhandlers are in our faces pleading for another billion dollars or two.

Predictably stepping forward today to plead for huge tax increases on Michigan taxpayers were the Michigan League for Human Services, the Michigan Education Association and Progress Michigan. Presumably because driving more and more businesses and taxpayers out of state is the only possible solution to revenue shortfalls.

Will these people never learn anything about the tax repercussions of job loss? Will that little low energy light bulb ever go off in their heads when it comes to understanding the results of punishing successful business owners and taxpayers? What painfully obvious lesson is it that these people keep missing as they watch load after load of rental vans filled with the possessions of soon to be former Michiganders hit the highway for southern climes?

The poverty pimps, big education, and socialist unions want the rest of us to cough up more taxes. I am beginning to believe that we fully deserve the financial crisis we are in for coddling these idiots for as long as we have.

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