Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whom to Boycott

I am extremely irritated by the defense that Roman Polanski has received by many who are connected to the entertainment business.

When did child rape become defensible? When did drugging 13 year old girls become a sympathetic activity? When did 44 year old men receive moral license to intimidate pubescent girls into sexual activity? If this were a 44 year old boss working in corporate America who had commented on a subordinate woman's breasts, he could expect to be vilified by every left-wing leaning actor, actress and director out there. It would be harassment and actionable. Who knows, maybe a movie would ensue.

Not these days. No, today we have Hollywood types lining up in support of a child rapist who has finally been arrested for a crime he himself has admitted to. His excuse has always been, essentially, that everyone wants to make it with little girls--he is only guilty of acting on a common desire.

Well, no wonder they are so sympathetic.

Now it is being suggested by some of the beautiful people that Switzerland should be boycotted for arresting the amorous opportunist. They are appalled that the Swiss would use a film festival as a guise to arrest Polanski. It is not fair. Polanski, they argue, felt he was safe in such a situation and the government's piercing of that perceived safety is a breach of trust.

A trust, it seems, that a 13 year old girl who made the mistake of going to a photo shoot with an unregistered pedophile with urges, should not expect to feel entitled to.

I think the wrong people are being boycotted.

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