Friday, September 04, 2009

The New Gray

I hate to reduce it to the obvious, but men have penises and women have vaginas. I'm not in charge of all of this stuff, mind you, but I did grow up in the country and did sit through several weeks of sex education in the 6th grade. Call me wise beyond my years.

In Britain, however, things operate a bit differently, particularly when it involves prisoners, socialized medicine, and leftist attitudes on health and safety.

From the Daily Mail:

A transsexual prisoner has won a move to a women's prison after a High Court judge ruled his human rights had been breached in a landmark £50,000 legal aid case.

The 27-year-old prisoner, who is serving life for manslaughter and an attempted rape committed while he was legally defined as a man, was described by his lawyer as 'a woman trapped inside a man's body'.

Today, Deputy Judge David Elvin QC, quashed Justice Secretary Jack Straw's decision to continue detaining the prisoner, known only as 'A', in a male prison.

He was told that steps were already being put in place to transfer A to a female prison 'as soon as possible'.

The move will pave the way for 'A' to have the operation to fully change from a woman to a man. He has to live openly as a woman for two years before having the procedure.

A's health authority will have to foot the £8,000 bill for his sex change operation.
Ms Kaufmann told how A had his womanhood recognised by law and his birth certificate had been amended.

Hair on A's face and legs had been permanently removed by laser and he had developed breasts after hormone treatment.

But he was forbidden from wearing skirts or blouses, or more than 'subtle' make-up, at the men's prison where he was being held on a 'vulnerable prisoners' wing.

To complete her change to full womanhood, she required gender reassignment surgery, but had been told he could not have it while he remained in a men's prison.
The obvious best solution then is to transfer the violent rapist into a women's prison where he can put in the necessary time before the taxpayers reassign his current gender to reflect that which is already reflected on her birth certificate. To do otherwise would be to waste all the money already spent on surgeries and the ongoing hormone treatments.

Gender has become the new gray area.

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