Thursday, September 03, 2009

Another Obama Gaffe in Foreign Policy

What gives with this guy? Is there a third world tinpot dictator that Obama will not coddle?

The US should be thrilled that we have a stable democratic government in Central America governed by the rule of law. The history of Latin America has not always been so good when it comes to stability and liberty. Numerous tinpot dictators have governed many of these war torn countries for decades. Misery is the human condition in much of Latin America. Is that what we want?

Honduras is trying to be different and most of its leaders and its people are tired of war and poverty and ineffective dictatorships. It has adopted a constitution that it takes seriously. The constitution that it has ratified contains checks and balances that strive to keep the country from becoming ruled by perpetual power hungry dictators. One of its articles restricts a president from running for more than one term. It also contains provisions that allow the president to be removed from office if he tries to change the rules that keep him from running for an additional term. Shockingly, it is even in their constitution that the Supreme Court of the country can instruct the Army to kick the constitution-bucking dictator wannabe off his throne if he attempts to do so.

This is exactly what happened in Honduras. Yet, our Dear Leader is firmly behind the ousted president even though the political elements within the country followed the rule of law exactly as it was supposed to. For a genius lawyer like Mr. Obama, you would have thought that he could have figured this out all on his own. You might even think that Obama would appreciate a fledgling democracy on its flank actually trying to remain a stable democracy.

Nah...that ain't good enough for a guy who is showing a dangerous habit of pandering to some of the world's most despicable dictator thugs. As punishment for following the rule of law our limp wristed jenny of a president is going to withhold millions of dollars of foreign aid to Honduras.

Honduras should tell the United States of America to kiss its butt. Maybe it can lean on Columbia for support in a soon to be formed organization of democracies spurned by The Obama in appeasement of the region's Marxist bullies. Of course, Obama would scoff at the butt kissing invitation. We would only do such a thing if the thug was once again back at the helm.

Mike Hendrix has more.

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