Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If there was ever a reason

to boycott the insanity of Hollywood it is its mindless defense of child rapist Roman Polanski.

That this pedophile has been allowed to travel the globe for thirty years free of punishment for his admitted guilt is tragic. That he is being defended by the beautiful people of entertainment because of his supposed contributions to film making is even more ludicrous.

We should not defend teacher rapists because of their contributions to education, nor should we defend priest molesters because of their dedication to the faith. No, we should toss their butts in jail just like we should Polanski. Why should Polanski get a pass because he has made some thought provoking artsy films and has Jack Nicholson for a friend?

As always, Whoopi has an opinion. She hates waterboarding. Anal child rape? Not necessarily.

h/ts to Ric's Rulez and Darlene at Protein Wisdom

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