Saturday, September 05, 2009

That's Not Entertainment

"It's false advertising. You can't call this entertainment. Is it entertainment if you lose your paycheck every week?"
No, I suppose not. I don't think its very entertaining to shoot 104 at the golf club either, but people keep doing it.

Mario Parise has a potential solution for his problem though, or at least a symptom (money loss) of his real problem (stupidity.) He is suing the Motor City Casino for $647,000 because he is too big an idiot to take responsibility for his own actions.

I admit it, I occasionally like a little casino action. In my relative inexperience I have learned a thing or two. One, it ain't fun to lose. Two, when you are losing get the heck out. Apparently Parise, a guy who has a lot more experience than I do at gambling, has only figured out the first of those two lessons.

A guy like Parise should only gamble at games where there is no loser. When he finds a casino that hosts such a game I hope he gives me a call.

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