Sunday, January 31, 2010

How About a Third Option?

The headline reads, "Gov. Granholm: Bad timing or lousy luck?"

As if there could not be any one of a number of third potential options...that of incompetence, poor decision making, failed socialism, poor management, ignorance of economic principles, bad appointments, dabbling in the private sector, union-worship, tax policy, tighter regulation, etc.

I don't for a second blame our lovely governor for all the problems of Michigan as many of the negative economic consequences we suffer from today would be beyond the control of any simple minded Canadian/Californian socialist, not just ours.

Yet, the governor's office has had many years to use her influence to help pull in the reins on spending, to restructure the tax system, and to allow our state to become one more friendly to employers, consumers, and taxpayers. Rather than do any of those things, she decided to use her vast resources to force Michigan into what she could consider a blessed green economy and allowed regulations to further restrict our once free market and to drive countless businesses and jobs out of state.

So, what is it, bad timing or lousy luck? Perhaps the grossly incompetent make their own luck.

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